Our Frequently Asked Questions
We only repair out of warranty devices and are in no way affiliated with Apple Inc as we are an independent repairer.

All trademarks are property of their respective owners.
No. We use original quality or re-manufactured parts that are of the highest quality and are manufactured to the appropriate specification.

Any company that claims to use genuine parts and they are not an authorised Apple repairer is incorrect as Apple do not sell their genuine parts to 3rd parties.
Here at iFix we only use the highest quality parts and give a full warranty with all repairs.

Plus all our technicians are fully trained, investing heavily in repair techniques, store locations and the best products to ensure the best customer experience.
Diagnostics carry a charge of £14.99 which covers our technicians time and expertise which is discounted from the cost if a chargeable repair is carried out.
Any repair carried out by anyone other than the manufacturer will void your warranty, repairs with us are covered by our own warranty once the repair is complete.

Devices with broken screens/accidental damage are not covered by your manufacturer warranty, the only way to reinstate this warranty is to go back to your original manufacturer.
We conduct a 20 point test that takes place before and after the repair is done and we also take due care of your device during the repair.

Although in some cases a repair may be completed before 1 hour, we cannot guarantee that a repair will be completed sooner than 1 hour.
We need your pass code in order to conduct our 20 point test to make absolutely sure your device is working properly.

If you are not willing to provide your pass code, we would be unable to guarantee our repair. None of your personal data is accessed in accordance with our data protection policy.
We need your details so that we can contact you to let you know that your repair is complete or that there has been an issue with your repair.

We can repair your device without your details but we would still require your pass code.
We only conduct repairs that we are 100% sure are of the highest quality and give the best results for the customer through tried and tested techniques.
Unfortunately not. You will lose all of your data as the phone resets but you can then restore your phone from iCloud or an iTunes back up.
We do not offer a repair on the Touch ID function as it is unique to every device, however we can replace the home button to restore home button functionality.
We don’t usually repair previously repaired devices, this is because the previous repair may have caused damage to the device. In some extenuating circumstances we may make an exception.
We don’t repair water damaged phones but on certain occasions if the customer is willing to sign a disclaimer, we may make exceptions, The reason is because water damage can cause future issues that are not present at the time of the repair.
Unfortunately we can only fit our own parts, as we can’t guarantee the quality of any other parts.
Unfortunatley we can’t offer this service due to our data protection policy